The Calling

Recently, I’ve been interested in discovering exactly what my ‘calling’ is.

Calling is one of those funny words that means different things to different people.

Some think of calling in terms of a job, a position or a skill or talent.

Sometimes we hear people talk about being called to a certain field (such as medicine) or a place (such as Africa).

While this description does a good job of describing how heavy they are, it also suggests that a calling is a job or location.

If this was true, then we could only follow our calling if a certain set of things line up; for instance: our education, physical condition, wealth and the conclusion and thoughts of decision makers.

I think a calling has to be more than that, its inextricably linked with the word purpose...

What am I here for?

There are a lot of things that I am here for.

I’m certain of that.

What are they?

After a period of prayer this morning, I felt convicted to write down what I thought my calling was.

I took a couple of sheets of paper.

I wrote ‘What is my true calling?’  and then I wrote 50 things that I believe I feel called to.

This is what I came up with.

What Is My True Calling?

  • Love God with all I have
  • Love Sarah
  • Make life-long friendships
  • Seeking knowledge and continueing to grow
  • Inspiring others
  • Loving everyone I come into contact with
  • Telling the world about Jesus
  • Changing the World in a real way
  • Living a worthy life
  • Leave a legacy of life and love behind me
  • Equipping others to do the same
  • Mentoring those who want to experience life
  • Discipling others, especially teenagers, in living a life of faith
  • To follow Christ, even when it would be easier not to
  • Experience and seek the Spirit
  • Help others find the same love that I have
  • Sharing that love
  • Experiencing all that the world has to offer
  • Exploring life, including the bits that don’t make sense
  • Helping others
  • To be a friend
  • To be a confidant
  • To be a husband
  • To be a father
  • Search in what others have given up on – No loose ends
  • Never stop hoping
  • Live courageusly
  • Give beyond personal wealth
  • Never stop learning
  • Live with eudiamonia – virtuous flourishing
  • Love recklessly
  • Be a radical disciple
  • Known in my community
  • Never be content with 2nd best
  • Encourage with clarity and precision
  • To have no boxes for my life – “I can’t do that, that’s not me”
  • Building on the rock
  • Display God’s splendour
  • Press on in faith – Never stop running the race
  • Share the glory of God
  • Lead others
  • Design something awesome
  • Have an awesome, awesome marriage
  • Discovering and maintaining my passion
  • Raise up a new generation of believers
  • Be an example for others – Lead the life I want others to live
  • Share my life joyfully and openly
  • Seek out challenges
  • Live dangerously – do crazy things
  • Seek what God wants for my life

This has helped me immensely to clarify and seek what I feel called towards (many of them are in similar categories).

I have one simple question though.

What is your calling?


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