How Cycling Changed My Life

It sounds like a ridiculous statement.

Cycling changed my life.

For as long as I’ve been around, I’ve been sort of into fitness.

I’ve been involved in sports teams, ran, hiked and generally had an alright fitness base.

I’ve never been fit though. I can’t even remember a time that I enjoyed exercise at all.

Exercise sure had a lot of ways to inflict pain though.

Torn ligaments, broken bones and a strong warning of succumbing to a knee reconstruction before the age of 30.

That was, until I found cycling.

It all started when I read this article which was recommended to me by a friend.

It’s about about how riding has a similar effect on kids with ADHD that Ritalin does, without the inherent side effects.

Since my sporting days, I’d struggled with a chronic illness which meant I could never reach the heights I previously did in team sports.

More than that, it affects my day to day focus, putting a cloud over my mind that doesn’t allow me to put 2 and 2 together sometimes.

It has been a lock over me that has been unbreakable, impervious to medication, rest or natural therapy.

However, this article said that it helped people with ADHD by training them in a high-focus activities (such as cycling) which helped them focus longer and more attentively.

I started out slowly, riding my old mountain bike which felt good.

Then I did the serious upgrade, buying a Specialized Allez road bike and all the gear in a end of lease sale at bikenow.

2013-01-13 15.19.16

I cannot even begin to describe the change in me since I’ve started cycling proper.

I’ve struggled with illness all of my adult life, but riding has given me a new lease on life.

It’s as if superman has found his cape.

When I ride, the fog that descends on my mind is gone for the rest of the day.

I feel awake, alert and ready to go.

It’s almost miraculous.

Very few sports can claim that they have changed a life, but cycling has changed mine. 

Maybe you should try it too?

RagingZephyr moderator

Absolutely! You and me starting out on our mountain bikes. I still remember getting to the top of my hill and you throwing your bike down in excitement hahaha. 


Just shattered we buckled your collarbone. 


Yeah buddy! It's been a privilege riding with you mate. Can't wait to get back on my bike!