Why I’m Getting Married: 10 Reasons Why I Am The Luckiest Man Around

I am a very blessed man.

Last Saturday, I proposed to the most beautiful woman in the world and she said yes. 

It happened on the St. Kilda pier, the exact place where over a year and a half ago I first told her that I was falling in love with her.

We had a lovely dinner in St. Kilda,  yet unbeknownst to her I had my friends helping me plan one of the biggest surprises of her life.

They attached some stunning white flowers to the pier whilst also trying to ward off people from going onto the end of the pier.

Eventually we made our way down, for her to be surprised by not only white flowers magically appearing on the pier for her but an invitation to the end of the pier which was suspiciously empty.

There, I told her to close her eyes and then I laid out what I saw for our future .. and then I proposed to her.

She said YES!

You can only imagine how happy I am, there has been much rejoicing and laughter.

Before I asked her to marry me though, I took the time to write and deliver 10 cards to her, detailing why I loved her and why I wanted to marry her.

I thought it would be good idea to share those reasons:

       1.    Sarah shines God every single day

One of the first things that drew me to Sarah was how much she loves God.

God is put first in everything that shes does and it inspires everyone around her to delve further into their faith and to take it seriously.

Let your light shine before men, in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven” – Matt 5:16

       2.    Sarah is super attractive

Sarah is the most attractive person in the entire world.

That means that there is no-one I would rather see, be with or look at than Sarah.

She is a truly stunning and gorgeous woman of God.

        3.    Sarah is deeply caring

Sarah cares more about me and about other people she knows than anyone else I have ever met in my life.

She doesn’t just want to know how you are, she wants to know how you are really doing beneath the layer that you show.

Her care for people comes out in all of her actions and is so obvious to see.

        4.    Sarah is the most fun to be around

Simply put, life is better when Sarah is around.

Whether it’s her amazing accents that come out past 9pm, her infectious laughter or her joyful spirit, she is my favorite person to be around.

She makes you laugh and she laughs with you.

       5.    Sarah has a toughness that people miss

Maybe because of how chill Sarah is, people miss how tough she is.

Throughout her life, she’s had to respond to and overcome many obstacles.

She has this inner determination and passionate fire that never goes out.

       6.    Sarah is super encouraging

I often say that women don’t realise how much of an influence they have over men in their life.

When they choose to encourage the men they know, it makes them feel like that can leap mountains, but when they choose to criticize it makes them feel demoralized and lacking that spark.

Sarah is always by my side encouraging me.

I doubt whether I could achieve half of what I do without her by my side.

       7.    Sarah has a beautiful mind

Not only is Sarah intelligent, but she has an amazing way of humanizing what she knows to help change the world around her.

The fact that she works hard not just for her own gain, but to help people is incredibly attractive to me.

She is going to change the world one day.

       8.    Sarah makes me want to be better

Something that is so important to me is challange and change.

I want to be the best person I can be and I want to help people become the best person they can be. 

Sarah challenges me, encourages me and shows me how to become a better person.

She wants the best for both of us and isn’t afraid if the path is sometimes messy

       9.    Sarah lets me love her

Sarah is vulnerable with me.

She lets me in, shows me her weakest points and shares them with me.

That is so incredibly rare and so, so incredibly special.

       10.    Sarah is my best friend.

There is no-one I would rather share my life with, and no-one else I want to spend the rest of my life with.

She picks me up when I’m down and laughs with me in the good times.

Through all situations we are a team.

Two best friends..

Now, we’re getting married :)

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Congratulations Jimmy and Sarah. Beautiful news. Wishing you a long life together filled with much love and happiness xx